Congratulations to the Standing Rock Sioux!

I see this morning that the Army Corps of Engineers has decided to seek another path for the controversial pipeline through North Dakota. This is a victory for the thousands of people who’ve been actively resisting the construction of that pipeline.



I don’t know much about the engineering or property details of the pipeline. I don’t know much about how many jobs, or how much lower the price of gasoline would be if the pipeline were built. I don’t know how badly the pipeline would have jeopardized local water supplies. Those are all important considerations. What I do know is that the people who live there didn’t want it, and in a democracy that ought to matter. For once, it has.

Yesterday’s decision isn’t the last word. the Army Corps is just saying it needs to look for alternative routes for the pipeline. It may eventually say the controversial route is the only one. This may just be a ploy to get the protesters to disperse so the ‘dozers can roll. But at least for today, the folks at Standing Rock can catch a breath.



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